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HTC – Harass The Customer ??

February 10, 2009

I found one more person who had a very similar experience as me. His post is very informative on how the water damage in HTC Touch is detected and not surprisingly the sticker that is supposed to change color when it comes in contact with water is placed very close to the edge of the device. Talking in rain can potentially change the color of the sticker. This is an easy way for HTC Customer Service to refuse to pay for a manufacturing device.

Anyways, please see the following post for the details:


Consider Nokia 5800 XpressMusic if you are looking at HTC Touch

February 7, 2009

Today I saw a demo of Nokia 5800 XpressMusic in the local mall and I have to say it is quite impressive. The price quoted was around Rs 19K and that seems like a good deal if you are considering HTC Touch which at Rs 14K comes with a very flaky design (see below). The screen size of the Noka 5800 is 640 x 360 and supports up to 16 million colors. One of the cool features that I liked was if you keep the Nokia 5800 with screen facing down, it goes into a silent mode. This is really useful for people who have to attend meetings everyday. No need to keep changing the mode.  Just keep the phone upside down and you are all set. Nice, no?. It has other cool features similar to iPhone like automatic orientation sensor.  It has one touch to take you directly to your music listings, a small speaker in the back and a 3.2 megapixel camera.

Overall, on a feature-by-feature basis, it totally beats the crap out of HTC Touch and with Nokia’s legendary reliability, it is a safe buy.

Is Chennai a bad place to buy HTC Touch?

February 7, 2009

I am curious if people who bought a HTC Touch in Chennai are facing any problems. I have chronicled my experience buying a HTC Touch and the problems I faced below. According to the HTC support people, my phone had corrosion on the board which is because of water seepage. Now, I never put the phone in the water not did I keep the phone anywhere near to water sources. However, it is a fact that Chennai has very humidity levels throught out the year and I don’t know if that caused the problem. I am curious to hear the experiences of other people. Btw, I bought a Nokia N72 2 years ago and it is working  just great. I have to say that Nokia phones are very resilient. I have dropped the phone several times and despite all the abuse it takes, it keeps working like new. Good job Nokia.

HTC Touch – Design Problem??

February 7, 2009

Please read my post below on my experience buying an HTC Touch and subsequent interactions with the support folks. It was not a pleasant experience (to put it mildly). Anyways,  one of things that blew me away was the fact that the cost of repairing the corrosion on the board was Rs 13K whereas the cost of the new phone was Rs 14K – which means pretty much everything other than the outer shell needs to replaced (including the touch screen). Does this mean there is a design problem with HTC Touch? If everything is crammed onto a single board, you have no choice but to replace the entire board. Isn’t it better to cough up another 1K and a buy a new phone. I am not sure what the HTC strategy is – but this is really not in favor of the customers.