HTC – Harass The Customer ??

I found one more person who had a very similar experience as me. His post is very informative on how the water damage in HTC Touch is detected and not surprisingly the sticker that is supposed to change color when it comes in contact with water is placed very close to the edge of the device. Talking in rain can potentially change the color of the sticker. This is an easy way for HTC Customer Service to refuse to pay for a manufacturing device.

Anyways, please see the following post for the details:


2 Responses to “HTC – Harass The Customer ??”

  1. Gary Says:

    Here’s my experience:

    I sent my phone over to HTC UK because my screen started showing lines. They claim that a part beneath the screen was broken and I was the one who broke it, despite there not being any physical damage to the exterior. I probably called them every night (US time) for two weeks because customer service couldn’t reach the tech center. I kept asking for photos and they never sent them. Then finally one day they sent me an e-mail saying they fixed my phone for me and are sending it back to me.

    Why didn’t I send it to HTC USA for repair? Oh, I did. They also claimed the same thing with me – that I broke it. Not only that, they only honor my warranty for 1 year (instead of the global warranty of 2) so I ended up having to pay them for the diagnostic fee since they certainly wouldn’t have covered my repair. That was a year ago.

    Now, my phone is broken again and I’m hesitating sending it back to HTC UK. The customer service rep suggested I send it to HTC USA since they would honor the warranty. Um, I don’t think so. This time, my screen turns off by itself and my phone just crashes. I’m not sure what causes it… it doesn’t happen when I leave it on my desk untouched, but it happens when I have it attached to my belt. A soft reset fixes it, but I am potentially missing calls. If I do end up having to get a new phone… it probably won’t be HTC.

  2. Gary Says:

    Oh yea, and I wanted to add that when I sent my phone to HTC USA, it would still boot up and work for a little bit before the lines showed up. When it was returned to me, it wouldn’t turn on or charge at all anymore!!

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